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Model ET (Discontinued)

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This conversion kit for a Ford Model T was designed with the hobbyist in mind. Each component is engineered specifically for the small space available in the Model T. Battery boxes, motor mounts, and even the coupler is included in the kit. Each component is prefabricated in a professional conversion shop right here in the USA.

No welding, cutting, or machining is required. Only hand tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, etc.) and possibly a medium lifting device (for inserting the motor in the vehicle) are required.

The conversion kit ships with a 17 page in-depth manual that outlines the steps required.


Battery Boxes

The battery box included in the kit is made of 3/16" powder coated steel and designed to last a lifetime. Typical installations involve one battery box in the front and one in the rear of the vehicle. Neoprene vibration dampers help diminish any rattling noises. Battery box dimensions are provided in the "Battery Box Dimensions" file above. The boxes were designed specifically for the Trojan T-875 (170Ah) battery, which is widely available from local sources. 9 of these batteries are used for a 72V total system voltage.

Electrical Components

  • D&D ES-32A-50 Sepex motor
  • Sevcon PowerPak 72V/420A controller
  • 1500W charger
  • State of Charge Meter for battery pack
  • All required contactors, relays, and circuit breakers
  • Key switch
  • Forward/Reverse Switch
  • Complete sealed wiring harness


Drive-Line Disc Brakes

The transmission band brake that originally comes with the Model T is replaced with a disc brake including master cylinder, caliper, rotor and hub adapter.

Mounting Brackets

Custom mounting brackets are made of 3/16" powder coated steel. All nuts, bolts, and washers necessary are included. Aluminum blocks have been machined to accept the front axle radius rod ball socket.

Driveline coupling

The conversion kit uses a direct drive system. As such, an easy-to-install coupler is included in the kit.


  • 30 MPH on flat terrain
  • 23.5 kW (31.5 hp) peak power
  • 72V/420A drive controller
  • 3.3:1 gear reduction system (12:1 overall including axle ratio)
  • Drive-line disc brake replaces trans brake
  • Up to 30 miles range per charge
  • 1500 Watt charger (upgrade available)
  • Charges from standard 120V outlet
  • 80% charge in 5 hrs, full charge in 8 hrs (using 1500W charger)
  • Designed to use standard golf cart batteries
  • Optional Lithium battery system available
  • NO emissions and very quiet operation


Product discontinued

Lead Time: 6 weeks

Shipping will be assessed at time of shipment (est. 450.00 in US)

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