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Jabsco 12VDC 105CFM Blower
The Jabsco Flexmount blower runs on 12VDC, and outputs 105CFM. It is very easy to mount, and has a 3" round output, making it easy to adapt to the WarP 9 and ImPulse 9 cooling shroud using a simple adapter coupling and tubing available further down on this page. A filter can also be easily mounted to the blower intake to prevent dust and dirt from entering the motor. Filters are also available on this page.
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K&N High-Flow Air Filter, 3" Mount
This filter is perfect for mounting to the Jabsco blower listed on this page. It is washable, allowing it to be used for many years. It can easily meet the demands of the Jabsco blower, allowing for up to 881CFM!
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3" to 2" Hose Adapter Coupling
This reducing adapter makes it easy to couple the WarP 9 cooling shroud to the Jabsco blower that we sell. Use in conjunction with your own flexible hose, or with the hose that we provide below on this page.
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3" Flexible Hose - 6" Length
This 6 inch length of plastic tubing is sufficiently long to connect the Jabsco blower listed above to the 3 inch to 2 inch reducer coupling. Custom lengths can be ordered if a longer section is needed.
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2" Flexible Hose, by the Foot
This high quality flexible tubing is durable and resistance to crushing. It is suitable to operate in temperatures from -40F to 140F. Price is for 1 foot. Hose will be shipped in one continuous length of the quantity ordered.
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