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Electric Conversion Checklist

This checklist is designed to show you what you need to Convert Your Car to Electric. Cascading products are associated with the main product above. Not sure what these parts do? Check out our Parts FAQ .

---Motor Adapter (For use with Original Transmission)  
---Driveline Coupling (For use with Direct Drive with Electric Reverse)  
---Motor Blower for forced-air cooling  
---Liquid Cooling Kit  
---Speed Sensor  
Reversing Contactor (if needed for electric reverse)  

Main Contractor

Main Fuse  
Battery Charger  
---SB50 Connector (PFC-20,30,40), SB175 (PFC-50,50B), 6AWG  
---Battery Management System (BMS)  
---Cable for Charger (6AWG recommended)  
Batteries & Connectors
---Cable for Batteries (2/0 recommended)  
---Crimping tools  
DC/DC Converter   
Power Brakes  
Power Steering  
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